Product Launch Marketing

Companies work for years developing products, services, and fashion. Still, they won’t get the media and public attention they deserve if the product launch is not well-planned, strategic, and above all else, memorable! Today, making a splash and arriving with style is everything. Product launch marketing is all about building positive anticipation for the big reveal!

The “coming-out” reveal party is everything, and there’s no worse feeling than getting your creation ready for the world and having no one show up. Whether that’s introducing a completely new product/line or revitalizing the brand, the right people and media spaces need to see it happen, and that’s where MSH Branding & Communications comes in. 

Media Relations and Placement 

As a premier branding agency in NYC, our media relations and media placement opportunities with industry voices, influencers, digital and print publications have helped us garner successful product launch marketing campaigns for our clients.

It’s simply not enough to gear a product launch with an aimless budget and the promise of exposure. The launch will fall flat if it does not reach the right audience, personalities, and outlets, and we’re here to ensure that it does! MSH has been launching brands, lines, and new labels for over (insert years)

The end goal of any product launch is to drive brand awareness and business. No product launch is the same as the next, so all programs we initiate with clients are tailored to their specific needs and brand personality. MSH Branding & Communications CEO and Founder, Melanie Holland, has years of experience as an industry insider for NYC boutique brands, and the team she has assembled at MSH is ready to roll out the red carpet for your next product launch. 

An Experienced Branding Agency in NYC

MSH Branding & Communications has established itself as a reliable, intimate, and caring branding agency in NYC; some product launch programs of the past include influential and notable clients, such as Armitron, Elaine Turner, Carline Ann, and many others. 

If you need product launch marketing, whether it’s for a new product or fashion line, or even a reestablishing initiative for brand revitalization, we are here to guide the launch! 
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