Influencer Partnerships

The world has changed drastically since the adoption of the smartphone. Fifteen years ago, no one would say to one another, “Hey, can you Venmo me?” Or, “Do you have the rideshare app?” And even, “Did you see their profile on Instagram?” The smartphone has changed how people interact, do business, find lifestyle tips, fashion guidance, and create product/brand awareness. 

Some of us remember looking at fashion magazines and waiting anxiously for LIFE magazine’s coveted fashion issue to see what the hottest styles and trends were. Those days are long over, but now, there are opportunities for brands and people to connect with large audiences near instantaneously. 

At MSH Branding & Communications, we know how valuable and important having a strong presence on social media platforms is, which is why we have dedicated services for clients looking to develop influencer partnerships.

With deep and long-lasting relationships within the fashion industry in NYC, MSH works to connect brands, labels, and designers with the right influencers to target demographics and grow brand awareness in the fashion and lifestyle communities tastefully and efficiently. 

Media Placement 

The opportunities for strategic, targeted, and data-driven media placement on social media platforms excel far beyond what has been available before, especially for boutique fashion brands and boutique PR firms. Getting your images, messages, and personality out for the public and target demographic has never been more accessible or more important.

According to the analytics firm Statistica, The number of people expected to use social media platforms to find content and interact with other people and brands will increase to over 308 million in the United States alone by 2023! It’s critical to have well-versed guiding hands to capitalize on this potentially huge market exposure.

With clear and strategic plans for media placement throughout different social media platforms, our clients can expect to see exposure in new places, reaching more prominent online personalities, spaces, and demographics. 

To learn more about media placement and influencer partnership services, reach out! Let’s discuss if MSH is the right option for you.