As much as we stress the importance of leveraging influencer marketing to build a digital presence, there’s still great significance to having brand/product/service placement in well-established publications and media outlets. 

There is something to be said for publications that have seen a century of change in media delivery but still manage to connect with readers and markets that understand the quality of journalism and insight are hard to match. For this reason, the team at MSH Branding & Communications is constantly reinforcing and developing relationships with the top publishers/media producing outlets in NYC.

PR Firm in NYC – Finding the Perfect Places for Exposure

We connect clients with top-tier editors, journalists, and producers to secure media relations and placements in high-value areas. The result for clients is the advantage of securing spots with top print and digital media outlets, not to mention television opportunities. A PR firm in NYC cannot stand by idly waiting for opportunities to present themselves to their clients; only through utilizing working relationships within the industry and keeping a keen eye on current happenings will a fashion PR firm perform for their clients. 

Fashion PR

Fashion PR firms need to be on top of the quick-moving opportunities when they arise because the prized slots for brand exposure are fleeting in the world of fashion. With over twenty years of industry experience, MSH is a few steps ahead of the curve. MSH clients have enjoyed placements in the top fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and culture-driven media outlets. 

If your label is looking for a boutique fashion PR experience far removed from the bureaucracy and de-personalization that the larger firms offer, MSH Branding & Communications is the perfect place!

To learn more about editorial placements, boutique PR firm opportunities, or media relations and placement opportunities, reach out; we’d love to hear your story and determine if we are the best match for your needs.